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Staff Augmentation

In today’s IT – services marketplace, IT mangers face a daunting challenge of achieving the highest quality at the lowest cost, while navigating in a highly competitive marketplace. Sohum Systems is one of the leading IT professional services providers for staff augmentation helping clients achieve their IT services goals with the quality they deserve. Sohum Systems is striving hard to ensure at least 20% more cost savings over the competition by delivering substantial number of project resources to various clients across American continent.

A key to the success of any Methodology is its simplicity and flexibility to respond to the rapidly changing business environment in the competitive global landscape. In this regard, our Staffing methodology focuses on the key drivers to maximize success

Our Focus
Client Priorities: Right Individual, Right Skills, Right Time
Your firm may be looking for a very specific skill set or simply needing to augment your current technical staff. You may not be sure of your long-term technology needs and don’t want to hire full time employee. Whether you need staff augmentation for a month or a year we have the staff to meet your needs.